More on The Girl Who Waited

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Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have revealed some more tidbits on The Girl Who Waited, episode 10 of Doctor Who Series 6.

First up, Karen gave some intriguing details on what sounds like a Handbot: “[There’s] this really cool robot/villain [that] goes back in time and fixes people that have done [something] wrong in history.”

It’s possible Karen may be describing the mysterious Tessalecta instead from Let’s Kill Hitler, but it’s hard to say.

Back to episode 10, Matt teased: “[Something] really, really bad happens to Amy, and the Doctor is part of it.”

In another interview, writer Tom MacRae said: “It’s a real tear-jerker of an episode and it’s very much focused on Karen. Her acting in it is amazing. I know she’ll break the viewers’ hearts in two when they watch it, it’s so emotional.”