More Mid-Series Finale Details

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This week’s issue of What’s on TV has a preview for A Good Man Goes to War and it reveals some new info on the story.

Many were left stunned after last weekʼs Doctor Who cliffhanger, when Amy was screaming, about to give birth. This weekʼs adventure kicks off just after, with new mum Amy cooing at her baby girl, who she names Melody. But thereʼs little time for the joys of motherhood as Amy and her daughter are imprisoned on an asteroid space station, held captive by an army thatʼs under the leadership of Kovarian (Frances Barber) — the strange eye-patched woman Amyʼs glimpsed throughout the series. There are also some mysterious headless monks aboard, who carry lightsaber-type weapons.

ʻThings happen to Amy in this episode regarding the baby that have a big impact on her,’ says Karen Gillan, who plays her. ʻLots of questions get answered in this adventure, which tie up storylines that have been building up for many years.’ Thereʼs the return of some familiar monsters, including a Sontaran, Cybermen and Silurians, who assist the Doctor and Rory in their attempt to rescue Amy and Melody.

Fans will also be delighted to finally learn the truth about River Song, who eventually arrives on the space station as she knows today is the ʻBattle of Demons Runʼ — which marks the Doctorʻs darkest hour. ‘Yes, l can confirm that this episode does finally reveal who River Song is,ʼ explains Karen. ʻl was shocked. l really didnʼt see it coming.’ After the big surprises of this episode, Doctor Who takes a mid-series break before returning this autumn. Karen thinks it might give the fans some valuable breathing space. ʻWe end this episode with such a huge revelation that I think everyone will need the summer to digest it!ʼ