More Eleven Doctors Rumours

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11-doctors-posterThis most likely is nothing more than recycling of existing rumours, but alas, the Mirror are today claiming that all surviving Doctors have now agreed to return for a cameo in the 50th anniversary.

As with the last rumour, the first three Doctors will allegedly be included using “computer generated images and old footage.”

They also claim that the special will reference “the fact the original show was delayed by more than a minute by an extended news bulletin.”

And they add: “The special episode is likely to provide the exit point for Smith, who is expected to regenerate into the 12th Time Lord.”

There’s no source other than a vague teasing quote from Steven Moffat: “Getting the other Doctors involved would be very fitting for the anniversary episode, wouldn’t it?” The other quotes are taken from past interviews.

As usual, take with plenty of salt! Colin Baker will probably be denying it very shortly on Twitter. And the cycle continues…