More Doctor Who Series 6 Titbits

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Doctor Who’s executive producer, Piers Wenger gave another lengthy interview to CraveOnline and several interesting Series 6 titbits have emerged from the chat. See the highlights below.

  • Series 6 has the most ambitious opener since the show returned in 2005.
  • We will not learn who River Song is in the opening two-parter but there will be clues. Alex Kingston is returning for several episodes this year.
  • There are no more plans to shoot outside the UK this series.
  • There will be a three month wait between the split.
  • Wenger is not sure if the series split will become the standard format beyond 2011.
  • Return of the Weeping Angels? “…wait and see.”
  • Matthew Graham’s two-parter “plays a pretty big part in the whole series arc”.
  • There are no classic monsters returning this year!
  • No plans to bring Paul McGann back or any other Doctor’s at the moment.
  • Rory and Amy’s marriage will be tested and have “dastardly complications.”
  • The Doctor faces a “particularly sadistic challenge”.
  • Scarier and darker tone.
  • The DVD box sets will probably be branded as two parts of Series 6.

You can read the full article here.