More Doctor Who Series 6 Teasers

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Fancy some more Doctor Who Series 6 hints and teasers? Of course you do! Here’s several that we have highlighted from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out now).

Episodes 1 and 2:

  • The opener is as dark as Doctor Who has ever been.
  • Karen Gillan describes the monster as “the scariest yet, physically and just what it does. They’ve got one thing about them that feels almost undefeatable.”
  • The monsters are evolved and very clever.
  • They are dressed in a very interesting way [suits?]

Episodes 5 & 6 (The Rebel Flesh and Gangers):

  • The TARDIS trio battle a new life form in a monastery and have to dodge pools of acid.
  • There will be a big twist during these episodes.

Other bits:

  • Amy will be involved in a very traumatic experience.
  • We will see Amy’s vulnerable side. She “will start to crack in a massive way.”
  • There is a dramatic costume addition in store for the Doctor. Something Matt Smith has wanted for a long time.
  • River Song is in the Autumn finale.
  • Matt Smith doesn’t want to leave any time soon.