More Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Teasers

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Here are Doctor Who TV’s final set of teasers for Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.

  1. 011100100110111101100010011011110111010001110011
  2. Watch your step! You never know where a T-Rex might turn up
  3. Rory gets slapped by the Doctor several times
  4. The Doctor gets to be an actual Doctor for once, and Rory gets to be a nurse again
  5. While Amy is the Doctor. She even has her own companions
  6. 01110111011010010110110001101100
  7. Who would have thought that Brian would have so many useful items in his pockets!
  8. “****** people helping dinosaurs on to a space ***?! Absolute tommyrot!”
  9. Another classical piece of music plays, and the Doctor may have had a hand in it
  10. Something shared between Brian and Rory comes in very handy
  11. There’s a cameo from a familiar face
  12. 01101011011010010110110001101100