More Christmas Special Teasers

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Here are another 15 teasers for The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe.

  1. “Of course it’s wood. It’s rubbish at wood!”
  2. “I’ve been here many times, but I’ve never seen the trees so active”
  3. Every rose has its thorn
  4. “…hatched from a bauble on a tree”
  5. “We had faith. Your coming was foretold”
  6. Madge is seeing stars
  7. “The good thing is, I look great in a hat!”
  8. “Shut-up you ridiculous oaf!”
  9. “You’ve got * ***** ***** inside **** ****”
  10. The Doctor is held at gunpoint by someone unexpected
  11. “It’s an ********* harvester!”
  12. Why is there honey in a honey trap?
  13. “Anyone still out there in five minutes is going to burn”
  14. “Well I’m not gonna hug first”
  15. River gets a mention

If you missed the first 15, read them here.