Moffat’s Series 7 Part 2 Hints

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series-7-part-2-coming-soon-trailer-(46)Steven Moffat has teased the upcoming eight episodes in Series 7.

Moffat told the Radio Times: “We’ll be up in the air, we’re under the water, we’re on a fantastic alien planet, we’re back in time, we’re forward in time, and the Doctor’s greatest secret is in jeopardy.”

The last one presumably refers to “Doctor who?”

Moffat said it was still too early to reveal any details on the 50th anniversary: “[It will be] Pretty big. But, you know, I don’t want people to get bored just yet. So let’s just wait and get our next eight episodes out of the way before we start talking about it.”

He added: “I’m mostly excited, a little bit nervous and aware of trying not to let people down.”