Moffat Previews Series 7 in Radio Times

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TV listings magazines are out in full force this week celebrating the return of Doctor Who and, once again, the Radio Times has dedicated a cover to the show.

The mag comes with a free Dalek wallchart and also features Steven Moffat’s guide to the first 5 episodes. Here’s some highlights.

Asylum of the Daleks -The Doctor is summoned by the mysterious Darla Von Karlsen with and a plea to rescue her daughter, it leads him to the Dalek Asylum.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship – A giant spacecraft is plunging to Earth and all humanity is imperilled. But this is no ordinary space craft –  it’s ancient and so is the cargo.

A Town Called Mercy – The Doctor finds himself in a crossfire between a cyborg killer and an alien fugitive. He’s in a moral dilemma, but doesn’t seem to care.

The Power of Three – The human race discovers the world has been overrun by… small black cubes. Which then proceed to… do nothing much at all. The Doctor has to wait it out and moves in with the Ponds.

The Angels Take Manhattan – In New York, the Weeping Angels are waiting for the Doctor and co. Not even River Song can save them from the terrible events to come. Heartbreak is always a terrible thing. But imagine if you had two of them….

Read the full preview in the Radio Times now.