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Moffat’s Favourite Doctor Who Stories


Ever wondered what Steven Moffat’s favourite Doctor Who stories are? In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#457), the head writer reveals his favourite from each of the eleven Doctors.

They are:

  1. William Hartnell: An Unearthly Child
  2. Patrick Troughton: The Tomb of the Cybermen
  3. Jon Pertwee: The Three Doctors
  4. Tom Baker: The Ark in Space (He also tips his hat to Pyramids of Mars, City of Death, Genesis of the Daleks, Logopolis)
  5. Peter Davison: Mawdryn Undead (Maybe. He has a tough time choosing. The others are Earthshock, Kinda, The Caves of Androzani, Frontios)
  6. Colin Baker: The Holy Terror (Robert Shearman’s Big Finish audio story)
  7. Sylvester McCoy: Remembrance of the Daleks
  8. Paul McGann: The Chimes of Midnight (Another Big Finish audio by Robert Shearman)
  9. Chris Eccleston: Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways
  10. David Tennant: The Christmas Invasion
  11. Matt Smith: Vincent and the Doctor
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