Moffat’s Anger at Spoiler Leaks

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In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Steven Moffat has expressed his anger and frustration at spoilers leaking out and the fans who post them.

In particular, he vented at one fan who posted the entire storyline of the The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon on the net two weeks before it was shown on TV.

“It’s heartbreaking in a way because you’re trying to tell stories, and stories depend on surprise. So to have some twit who came to a press launch, write up a story in the worst, most ham-fisted English you can imagine, and put it on the internet. I just hope that guy never watches my show again, because that’s a horrific thing to do.”

“You can imagine how much I hate them, It’s only fans who do this, or they call themselves fans. I wish they could go and be fans of something else.”

See the BBC news segment in the video below.

When a user on Twitter pointed out that perhaps Moffat shouldn’t invite fans to screenings he said, “But it’s the fans who MAKE the screenings -- helluva lot of people to punish for one idiot.”

Moffat later wrote: ‘Finally heard my own rant. Grumpy sod. And what a boring, inflection free voice! It’s like been told off by the shipping forecast.’