Moffat: “You’ll get answers!”

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Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis all talk about what’s coming up in the remaining episodes of Series 6 and some other bits and pieces in this selection of quotes from the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

  • Steven Moffat on story arcs: “The story of the week takes center stage. What we’ve got is a more extreme version of what we’ve always had, which is a story that links it all…You’ll get answers to all your questions! All the stories will end, and they will end satisfyingly.”
  • Moffat on River Song: “You think you know the truth about River. You don’t know it yet. There’s loads more to come.”
  • Piers Wenger on the second half: “[It] explores the emotional impact that the big plot twists have had on the characters.”
  • Moffat on Let’s Kill Hitler: “ It’s the episode where everything changes.”
  • Moffat on “saving” Hitler: “Unequivocally, we’re against Hitler. I think he was a bad thing and I’m glad he’s gone. The worst thing you could do to that awful man is to take the Mickey out of him on Doctor Who. We’re not really going to save Hitler. He’s dead already.”
  • Matt Smith on Let’s Kill Hitler: “[It’s] maybe my favourite episode to date. It just rockets along. Steven has always delivered. The payoff to these revelations is exactly what you want it to be. It doesn’t disappoint.”
  • Karen Gillan on River: “It’s going to take some twists and turns. All of the relationships and the whole dynamic is going to change.”
  • Beth Willis on River: “They have to work out that Amy’s kissed the Doctor and so has her daughter.”
  • Moffat on the Doctor’s darker side: “The dark side of a man who could have caused the end of the universe is considerable.”
  • Moffat on more American episodes: “It’s entirely about story. I don’t think in order to make Doctor Who successful in America you have to make stories set in America. … I’d like to do it. I don’t think it’s necessary. But absolutely, we like coming here.”