Moffat won’t kill off Ponds (or will he?)

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“Heartbreaking” is the word Steven Moffat used to describe the Ponds upcoming exit from Doctor Who. Along with some hints from Karen Gillan, this has led some fans to speculate that they might be killed off.

However, Moffat has since offered some clues that suggest this may not be the case: “Heartbreaking doesn’t mean unhappy. Wait and see. I mean, it’s parting. It’s parting from someone and that’s always very hard.”

He also explained: “I don’t think the Doctors companions should die, I think that spoils the fairytale a bit.”

Which might explain why Rory keeps coming back to life.

Moffat admitted: “I’m not very good at killing people. I don’t like it! I didn’t even know that about myself until Russell [T Davies] pointed out that I’d written six episodes of Doctor Who for him and I hadn’t killed anybody. Literally hadn’t killed anybody. No one dies in The Empty Child, no one dies in Girl in the Fireplace except the person who was dead already. I have killed a few but… I haven’t killed any main characters.”

Of course, the notorious tease adds: “But that doesn’t mean that I wont of course!”