Moffat wants Jack Back

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In an new interview with Gothamist, Steven Moffat was asked if any characters from the Russell T. Davies-era of the show will ever come back in future.

Moffat answered: “There’s no rule against that. People talk as if somewhere there’s been some schism. [But] there isn’t an intentional line at all. I do think there’s a danger, if you’re always harkening back.

“I mean, Jack, who I wrote in the show, I’d love to have him back. I was thinking he should really be here recently, but he’s busy.

“And I mean there are references to Davies’ characters—we just had a reference to Rose, in fact. In my head there is a continuing story. There’s no idea that we’re abandoning anything. There is an element that the Doctor moves on from people in a rather scary but inevitable way. He won’t be nearby forever.”

What characters, if any, would you like to see return?