Moffat Teases Series 6

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Steven Moffat has dropped a few Series 6 hints in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (issue 424, out now).

“You’ve seen more than you think. The Doctor has noticed what you have not,” says Moffat. “And when the biggest jaw-dropping twist finally comes – well, the second one – you’ll realise you’ve known about it from the very beginning…”

Damn you and your teasing ways Moffat! It’s something to speculate on though.

Moffat also talks a little about the Xmas special, though, once again, he isn’t revealing much as it’s too early.

“We’ve got big ideas and big plans for this special, and it’s quite unlike any Doctor Who Christmas special we’ve done before. All I’m telling you now is that it’ll be 60 minutes long and the Doctor and Mr and Mrs Pond will all be present and correct.”