Moffat talks Multi-Doctor, Series 7, Xmas

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Before last night’s BFI screening for Asylum of the Daleks, Steven Moffat was interviewed on Radio 5 by host Richard Bacon.

The pair chatted about a wide range of topics including Series 7, the 2012 Christmas special (Moffat says Richard E. Grant is going to be a great villain) and the 50th anniversary.

Moffat spoke about multi-Doctor stories, though he dodged the question on whether there will be one: “I’m not telling you,” he said.

When Bacon replied: “That means a yes,” Moffat said: “No it doesn’t. That means I’m not telling you!”

When Bacon brings up Tennant’s recent 50th anniversary comments, Moffat responded: “I saw [David] the other night, he’s in very good form.”

However Moffat claimed it was nothing to do with the 50th anniversary: “He’s a mate of mine. We went for the dinner the other night. I showed him photos of the new series.”

Moffat is also asked by a listener about Series 8, but again dodges it.

Listen to the whole thing in the videos below:

Part 1:

Part 2: