Moffat on Doctor’s Search for Gallifrey

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day-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-(3)-gallifreySteven Moffat has explained why he revisited Gallifrey in The Day of the Doctor and dropped some hints on how the Doctor’s home planet may feature in future.

Speaking to Digital Spy about why he altered events of the Time War to bring Gallifrey back, Moffat said: “It was about a year ago, I remember thinking, ‘What occasion in the Doctor’s life is the most important?’ – well, it’s the day he blew up Gallifrey. Then I tried to imagine what writing that scene would be like and I thought, ‘There’s kids on Gallifrey and he’s going to push the button? He wouldn’t!’ I don’t care what’s at stake, he’s not going to do it.

“So that was the story – of course he never did that, he couldn’t. He’s the Doctor – he’s the man who doesn’t do that. He’s defined by the fact that he doesn’t do that, whatever the cost, he will find another way. So it had to be the story of what really happened, that he’s forgotten. Of course he didn’t – he’s Doctor Who! He doesn’t do things like that!”

On potential future storylines he said: “He has the possibility of going home – he can find Gallifrey – but it might take him a while, who knows? And who knows what he’ll do when he gets there? Get bored and run away again, I would think! But he has a mission statement.”

He adds: “It was fascinating when Doctor Who first came back that he was this war survivor dealing with guilt and rage – that was his story. Of course, he slowly gets over that and then there’s a danger that he just becomes about… farting about a bit, which starts to take some of the baseline out of the show somehow. So we’ve given him something to pitch for.

“It’s not like we’ll spend every episode saying, ‘I nearly found it!’ – we absolutely will not do that – but it gives him somewhere to go. The Doctor doesn’t know he’s a character in a television show – he doesn’t know he’s having adventures for our entertainment – he’s got to have something to do and that will be the thing he does.”