Moffat Promises Dark & Redefining 50th

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day-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-(10)Steven Moffat has said fans can expect The Day of the Doctor to be a fairly dark and serious episode, and one that will redefine the Doctor.

Moffat told THR: “It’s quite a dark episode. It’s quite a serious episode. We start to move the Doctor into a place, and you’ll start to see we’ve been moving him into that direction for a while.”

“The question was: what was the most important thing that happened to the Doctor, the day the Doctor won’t forget. It will redefine him.”

He adds: “I knew what I wanted to accomplish. It is a tremendous challenge to attach 50 to anything. I wanted it to be the show that ensures the next 50 years. And it celebrates the legend.”

As for Moffat’s future on the show as lead writer, he said: “I honestly don’t know. I have no intentions to leave.”