Moffat: Ponds Are Not Coming Back

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Steven Moffat has shot down recent rumours that the Ponds will return to Doctor Who.

Speaking at the Doctor Who Experience, Moffat said: “At the very beginning, when I was talking to Karen, I said ‘Let’s make it a proper ending’.

“It’s better to just end it and get out. The story of Amy and Rory is absolutely, definitively over.”

However Moffat added: “You can never eliminate the possibility of dream sequences or flashbacks. But will the Doctor see them again? No.

“Heaven knows if Amy and Rory will appear in some form of flashback. But I have no plans, I have to say.”

Moffat moved on to talk about how the new companion will change the Doctor: “She gives us a more grown-up Doctor.

“He was Amy’s raggerty Doctor, now he’s the mysterious man from space for Jenna.”