Moffat on The Master, Snowmen & 2013 Arc

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master-(4)Steven Moffat participated in several interviews during publicity for The Snowmen this week and a couple of other interesting snippets came out.

First up, Moffat reiterated that John Simm is still the man to play the Master in his eyes. He was responding to a comment by Matt Smith who suggested William Shatner instead!

Smith said: “We’d love to have William Shatner on Doctor Who I’m sure. He’s a sci-fi God! He’d be great. John Simm is pretty damn good in the role, though”.

Then Moffat chimed in: ”William Shatner being The Master would be too confusing wouldn’t it? He’s Captain Kirk! It’s already confusing that there are now two Captain Kirks. But if I was considering it I wouldn’t tell you. I love William Shatner but John Simm is The Master… John Simm would beat [Shatner] up if he thought he was going to take that part.”

Smith teased: “Is The Master coming back? Who knows?”

While in a video interview with Digital Spy, Moffat spoke about the Christmas special and hinted at what’s to come in 2013.

He said: “We’ll have a fantastic alien planet, we’ll be under the sea, we’ll be in the sky – it’ll be quite a rollercoaster! No two parters and a modest series arc, but not huge.”

See the video below: