Moffat on TARDIS Redesign, 50th Plans

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doctor-who-2012-new-tardis-interiorSteven Moffat has revealed some of the reasons behind the latest redesign of the TARDIS interior.

Speaking at last night’s screening of The Snowmen, he explained: “I thought we’d been getting progressively whimsical with the interior of the TARDIS. And I started to think, ‘Well, why is that? It’s not a magical place. It’s actually a machine.’

“And actually potentially, as you’ll see more spectacularly later, quite a scary place sometimes. We make a lot of use of that.”

No doubt referring to 2013 episode, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

Moffat also hyped up the 50th anniversary promising to “take over TV” in 2013.

“[Plans] are immense, they are considerable. They will be full of tremendous surprises. But they wouldn’t be surprises if I accidentally said them now, would they?

“No, we’re not telling you. But I promise you, we’re going to take over television. Trust me,” he said, presumably while stroking a cat.