Moffat on Series 8 and his Future

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peabody-awards-2013-moffat-smith-colemanSteven Moffat has spoken about Series 8 and how long he intends to remain as Doctor Who’s head writer.

Asked how far along Series 8 is currently, Moffat said earlier this week: “We have to work quite a long way in advance. The next season is plotted out.

He added: “I always end up complaining about it, but it’s quite fun. I’m just making up nonsensical adventures, what’s wrong with that?”

On how he will remain in charge of the show he jested: “Forever. We’re not letting anyone else do it.

“You take it a year at a time, that’s all you can do. It’s such a commitment. It’s nine or ten months a year of work, so I think you can only really do that a year at a time anyway. And if you start thinking of the legacy now… we’ve got a long time to think about that, when people have forgotten us. We just want it to be great. All I ever worry about is the show that is coming out on Saturday.”