Moffat on Series 7 Format in 2013

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Steven Moffat has confirmed that the format of Series 7 will remain unchanged in 2013, with each episode continuing to be pitched as a big, standalone, blockbuster-style movie.

Moffat explained in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine: “The movie-of-the-week approach does not stop with the Ponds. It carries on. We keep going. This year – I mean, these 14 episodes, continuing into 2013 – my brief was constantly, ‘Plot from the movie poster outwards. What’s your big visual idea? What’s the log-line of the movie?’ I thought that was a reasonably clever thing to say, but the response from the writers and the crew has been far cleverer than what I said in the first place.”

He continued: “Everyone has really taken it to heart. The design work, the locations, the music, everything this year has been astonishing. I keep wondering when we’re going to fall off our perch, but each episode, even once the Ponds have left us, is looking absolutely amazing.”

What do you think? Has the movie-style approach worked better, so far?