Moffat on River, Arcs & Finale

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In an interview with TV Choice, Steven Moffat has spoken about the story arc and dropped some hints on what we can expect in The Wedding of River Song.

Asked if the show has become tougher to write because of the ongoing arc, he said: “I don’t think it’s that much harder. It requires a bit of concentration, but the hardest thing will always be the individual standalone story – whether it’s part of the arc or whether it stands free of it. Just making that as entertaining and exciting as possible each time – whether I’m writing it or somebody else is – is the challenge.”

Speaking about the finale Moffat teased: “Well, it’s pretty much all the answers in terms of what you saw at Lake Silencio and in The Impossible Astronaut. We also truly find out about River Song – who she is to the Doctor. There have been a whole lot of hints about a good man that she kills, and the reason why she’s in prison. She certainly seems to behave like a lover or a wife to him, and this is where we say what that’s all about. It’s a big roller coaster ride of Doctor Who madness in that sort of bombastic finale style. Loads of fun.”

Is this the end of River’s story? “You’ll have to wait and see. You really will”, he replied, adding the same was true for Amy and Rory.