Moffat on Cybermen, Smith Leaving Rumours

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tomb-of-the-cybermen-bfi Steven Moffat recently listed 1967’s The Tomb of the Cybermen as his favourite 2nd Doctor story.

At the BFI screening last weekend he elaborated on his love for the classic: “When I first watched episode three of Tomb, I was so frightened I didn’t watch Doctor Who again until Jon Pertwee! Genuinely, from my heart, this is one of the best Doctor Who stories ever made. It is absolute genius. The most frightening thing about a monster isn’t when it arrives; it’s when it’s about to arrive….Patrick Troughton is sheer magic as the Doctor…

“Everything we do in Cardiff… is out of love for the show you’re about to watch. I’m never more of a fan than when I work on Doctor Who, attempting to re-create what you’re about to see.”

With the recent news of Matt Smith filming Hollywood movie How to Catch a Monster in May, there’s been speculation that he is leaving Doctor Who.

“It’s all right – he’s coming back,” Moffat told audiences at the event. Let’s hope he’s telling the truth!