Moffat on Companionless Doctor

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With Amy and Rory leaving Doctor Who this year, did Steven Moffat ever consider leaving the Doctor companionless instead of bringing another young female into his life, just for a change?

“I thought about the Doctor traveling on his own and it always faintly depresses me,” he told BBCA. “I’m not sure what he does on his own but I don’t think it would be healthy. He’s far too old and he’s seen too much.”

Moffat goes on to explain his thoughts on the importance of the companion to the show: “The story of Doctor Who is always the story of the companion, It’s always their story.

“It was Rose Tyler’s story, it’s Amy Pond’s story. The story of the time they knew the Doctor and how that began; how it developed and how it ended.

“The story begins again, not so much with the new Doctor, but with the new companion. It is their story. The Doctor’s the hero, but they’re the main character.”

What do you think? Is Moffat right?