Moffat on 50th Anniversary & Series 8

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At last night’s BAFTA Awards Steven Moffat warned fans not to believe everything they read on the 50th anniversary, no doubt referring to certain recent rumours.

He said: “All I’ve ever revealed about what we’re doing in Doctor Who is anything that we filmed outside. I’m rather reticent about what’s actually in that. I notice people are making up stuff about who and what is or is not in that special, you’re just going to have to wait until November to find out the truth.”

Asked what his favourite rumour so far, he said: “Nice try, but I’m not telling you! Most of them are quite fanciful. Some of them are entertainingly angry. People are making up their own theories about what is or isn’t in the special and then make a Youtube film about how angry they are about their own theory.”

“I love you all Doctor Who fans, but honestly don’t believe everything you hear or don’t hear!”

Steven Moffat also reiterated that Series 8 of Doctor Who is definitely happening and he is busy working on it right now.

He told Digital Spy at the event: “This is a thing that just seems to have slipped by… so can I say it very firmly -- series eight is absolutely, definitely confirmed. It is real and it’s happening -- it’s [taking up] most of my time at the moment.”

He added: “I get people telling me [that series eight is] not really happening,” he explained. “It really, definitely, honestly is!”