Moffat: “Old Daleks Coming Back”

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Not content with giving us a truck load of teasers the other day, another interesting nugget has surfaced from Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book.

Steven Moffat reveals we haven’t have seen the last of the old Daleks which were (seemingly) destroyed and replaced by a rainbow coloured “new paradigm” in Victory of the Daleks.

Says Moffat, “The fact is, we’re not going to lose the old Daleks. We’re keeping them. They’re coming back. We’ll just use them all at once, and have different ranks. All I’ve done is give the Daleks an officer class.”

This sheds some new light on an earlier quote by Moffat who said when they return “There will be lots of different kinds.”

So has Moffat just backpedalled due to the negative reaction to the new design or was this always part of plan? What do you think?