Moffat May Kill

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Steven Moffat has revealed that he isn’t adverse to killing off big characters in Doctor Who, despite his apparent reluctance.

We were all led to believe that Rory and Amy had met their maker in Series 5, only for them to be brought back soon after.

Moffat explained to Vulture: “In the old series, they did off a couple of them. I’m not saying we’ll never do it, but it’s not that kind of a show. It’s not gritty. It’s kind of a lovely, life-affirming, optimistic show without a cynical bone in its body

“It’s almost odd when you see it in competition with things like Battlestar Galactica, and you think, Well that’s not us at all. We’re the story of a wonderful man from space who can travel in a telephone box! But I’m not guaranteeing I won’t kill someone in the future!”

Recent rumours suggested a character would be killed off next year.

Moffat was also asked about River Song’s role in Series 6: “You will find out who she is and what’s going on and how it all makes sense. And that will explain a number of things. I’m writing the episode right now where the Doctor finds out who she is. We’re not just going to endlessly tease.”

Check out the full interview here.