Moffat Explains Astronaut Reveal

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In Closing Time, one of this year’s biggest Doctor Who mysteries was seemingly solved -- the identity of the astronaut. The person who kills the Doctor at Lake Silencio was revealed to be River Song, as had been strongly hinted at all along.

Speaking on Doctor Who Confidential, Steven Moffat explained the reveal: “There we are. Everything you thought was going to be the case probably is. It was River in the space suit and there’s two of her on the beach, but hey, it’s a time travel show, that’s easy enough for us.

“River is now off to kill the Doctor as we’ve known ever since we heard those lines in Flesh and Stone. We’ve sort of known that the best man was bound to be the Doctor, so she’s off to kill the Doctor!”

Some fans have been complaining that this was too obvious. However, is it possible Moffat is pulling a fast one? We certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

See the video segment from Doctor Who Confidential below:

Maybe it’s just us, but something seems a little off. Moffat seems a little bit too pleased with his answer. So perhaps, we are being deceived into thinking it will be River in the suit when the visor is lifted. But, surprise, she’s been replaced by someone else instead.