Moffat: Doctor Who is the show you can’t kill

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steven-moffat-timecrashSteven Moffat has explained why he believes Doctor Who has endured for almost 50 years.

Speaking in an interview with Worldscreen, he said: “I frequently call Doctor Who the most perfectly evolved predator in television. It is the perfect television show. It is the show you can’t kill.

He adds: “We could all drop dead tomorrow, all of us who work in Doctor Who, and they’d just carry on making it. It is dependent on no individual. You give it your all for the years that you do it and when you leave it won’t even notice—you’ll be shed like scales!

“And you can recast the Doctor. Not only can you recast the Doctor, you can create a Doctor who is appropriate for the times. He can always be modern. He can always be new. It’s an ancient tradition and yet it’s a brand-new iteration of that tradition. So it feels old and new at the same time, old and young.”