Moffat: Doctor Who “Absolutely secure”

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Whovians were understandably concerned when it was revealed that Doctor Who would not have a full series in 2012, with only some episodes to be shown. But despite that, Steven Moffat has insisted there’s nothing to worry about.

“Doctor Who’s future is absolutely secure at the BBC, and in fact there’s more than we’ve even told you about so far,” he explained in Doctor Who Magazine.

“And as for scheduling – we’re not being vague, we’re being secret. Doctor Who is, and remains a major weapon in the BBC’s arsenal – we don’t tell the opposition when it’s going to be deployed. The only thing you should read into that, is that we’re not idiots.

“The show is doing astonishingly well – that’s the only reassurance anyone should ever need.”

So there you have it.

The magazine also confirms that this year’s Christmas special, written by Moffat, will now be filmed in the Autumn.