Moffat Denies Doctor Who Movie. Again!

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It’s a story that refuses to go away. The recent Doctor Who movie rumours have become a tiresome back and forth between Harry Potter director David Yates and Steven Moffat. Yates says he’s directing a movie reboot, Moffat denies it, Yates says he’s doing it, Moffat denies it and so on.

Now here’s the latest statement from Moffat on the matter. He told EW: “There isn’t a film. That was all some weird fantasy going on somewhere. Look, we hopefully will do a Doctor Who film someday. It will be absolutely run by the Doctor Who production office in Cardiff. It will feature the same Doctor as on television. It will not be a rebooted continuity. All of that would be insane.”

He adds: “So that whole proposal was not true, did not happen. I can say that with authority because, as far as the BBC is concerned, I’m the voice of Doctor Who. So if I say it, it’s true. The BBC own Doctor Who and, for the moment, I run it for them. So I can assure you definitively that was all nonsense — not the idea of making a film, we’d love to make a film, but the idea of a rebooted continuity, a different Doctor. That’s writing the book on how to destroy a franchise. You don’t behave like that with it. Not ever.”

Asked if David Yates is involved, Moffat replied:I don’t think he was ever signed to it. I never signed him, so he’s not. But I think he’s [expressed] an interest in doing it and he’s a very fine director and I think he’d certainly be someone that would be on the list for directing such a project. I’m a big fan of his. But the project as he describes it would not happen. It was all a bit more off the cuff than it seemed to be.”

Which is funny when Yates makes statements like: “I’m definitely doing a Doctor Who movie”. Clearly there’s a lack of communication going on somewhere.

Will this finally put the whole thing to bed? Unlikely. Yates will probably be telling the world how he’s making it for sure next week, and the cycle continues.