Moffat Confirms Series 6 Episodes

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Steven Moffat has confirmed he will write five of the 13 episodes from Series 6, plus the upcoming Christmas special.

“I’m doing the Christmas special plus five, so it’s the same. Six again. I’m basically following what Russell [T Davies] did. Having worked out the sums and worked out how he does it, I thought that’s a perfect way of doing it,” Moffat told Den of Geek.

He added that he has found the increased workload of working on both Doctor Who and Sherlock a tough balancing act, “The last year has been extraordinary. I’ve had about four days off, and that includes Christmas day. I work every weekend, I get up early in the morning, I go to bed late at night. There is no way of balancing it.”

“It’s extraordinary, but it’s great fun too! Great fun, so long as it doesn’t kill me.”