Moffat Confirms His Next Two Stories for Series 9

moffat-capaldi-2014Steven Moffat has given a little update on Doctor Who Series 9, non-spoilery (naturally).

Speaking to the Radio Times earlier this week he said: “We’re filming our first two-parter at the moment, which is in fact going to be episodes three and four of the new series. A brilliant script by Toby Whithouse.”

He reveals that next up to begin filming will be two stories written by himself: “Then we’re about to move on to a couple of scripts I’ve written.” It seems likely The Magician’s Apprentice will be one of them.

Following those: “We’ve got some other stuff lined up from other writers – some new, some old, some middle-aged.”

He adds: “It’s a little early to start teasing it too much, but I’m pretty excited. We’ve got some very, very good stuff coming.”