Moffat Confirms 14 Episodes For Series 10

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And congrats again to Moffat for receiving the prestigious honour!

When Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who departure was first announced there was some question over whether he will end his tenure with the Christmas special in 2017. Well it looks like we may now have an answer.

Speaking in an interview following his OBE ceremony: “Ahead of me this year I have 14 Doctor Whos and 3 Sherlock films, so the last thing I’m doing is contemplating work beyond that. But the day’s coming when I’ll have to.”

So we can reasonably infer that the schedule for the next couple of years should be: the 2016 Christmas special, the 12 episode series the following Spring, and finally, the 2017 Christmas special. Which means if Capaldi is leaving with Moffat as rumoured we may have another Christmas regeneration to look forward to before Chibnall takes over in 2018.

Watch the full interview below.