Michelle Gomez is Leaving Doctor Who

Michelle Gomez will be leaving Doctor Who following her guest stint in Series 10.

Speaking to Radio Times, Gomez said: “My pals are going so I’m going. Everybody’s leaving, so I’m going too. I mean, what would I do without Peter and Steven? Who would I be? Nah, it’s done now. It’s over. It’s the end of a chapter.”

She added: “[I’ll miss] the fact that it was probably one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. The fact that I’m a woman of a certain age who’s this ass-kicking action figure … I’ll miss the amazing, wonderful, incredible Peter Capaldi, who I think is one of the best Doctors we’ve ever had. I’ll miss somebody like Steven Moffat writing me the best lines I’ve ever had in my career.

“Yeah, I’m gonna miss a lot about that job,” she concluded. “It was a great job.”

Gomez isn’t ruling out a return at some point in the future though, she told Digital Spy: “Never say never! I’m sure in a couple of years’ time, the urge to blow things up will just be too strong and Missy will come in guns blazing! But at the moment, it just feels like this is the end of an era – there may be something in the future but at the moment, I feel like this is the end of a chapter.”

Gomez also teased Missy’s relationship with the John Simm Master: “I would say… think of it in terms of… a two-headed Master! That’s what I’ll give you. It’s sort of… two Masters in one, in a way! I hope that’s not giving too much away!”

And as a final hint, she said: “Something awful happens [in the finale] as well, which is down to Missy just being dreadful. She just can’t help herself – there’s a moment where she just remembers that she is totally evil. So that is in there… you won’t be disappointed!”