McGann on 50th Return Rumours

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doctor-who-96-tv-movie-8thdoctorThere’s been ongoing rumours suggesting that Paul McGann will appear either in the 50th anniversary special, or some sort of prequel or minisode. However, the man himself has denied any involvement.

Asked on his Twitter account about whisperings of him being in the 50th he replied: “Yes, I keep hearing similar. Truth is I didn’t so much as visit their set as I was away working. Nor was I invited to.”

Then addressing the regeneration prequel/minisode rumour: “I’ve often wondered if rumours, like jokes, aren’t all started by the same excitable child or bored old man.”

So is it time to put these rumours to rest? Do you to take McGann on his word, or do you assume he is still lying to keep open some hope that these unfounded rumours hold some truth?