McCoy and Aldred on 50th Anniversary

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The Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace, aka Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, have been interviewed by Shadowlocked. They talk about the possibility of returning to Doctor Who in the future.

Aldred was enthusiastic: “I’d love to. I’d drop everything. I did find out that Russell T Davies had planned for Ace [to appear in] the Sarah Jane Adventures…”

“You never know. I’m waiting for a call.”

McCoy was also up for returning and shared an idea he liked for the 50th Anniversary: “The fans want all the Doctors to come together.

“Someone suggested something which I really liked, which was they should get all the old Doctor Who actors to play other characters. I think that would be huge fun.

“I had this sudden image of my character, an evil monstrous one who you didn’t quite know who it was, about to kill the Doctor!”

See a clip below.