Matt’s Monster Hint for Series 7

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Matt Smith has strongly hinted that another classic Doctor Who monster will return next year in the second half of Series 7, one that hasn’t appeared in the revived series yet.

In an interview with TV Choice he said:

We’ve heard rumours that there might be some more old school Doctor Who monsters along next year.
You haven’t! Where on Earth did you hear this?

The internet…
The internet! Oh, that internet! I tell you! They are pretty well informed. Yeah, I suppose there are, but then I don’t want to give anything away, really, of what might or might not be coming up. Perhaps there are some classic monsters coming back. There’s one I’m very intrigued by, which we haven’t seen for quite some time…

So we’ll be seeing a thing we haven’t seen for quite some time?
Well, maybe. We might. A thing we haven’t seen since the series returned to our screens in 2005.

High up on the list are the Ice Warriors, who are rumoured to be one of the first monsters Jenna-Louise Coleman will face in 2013.