Matt Smith’s Final Foe Results

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It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s polls where Doctor Who TV asked you to vote for the foe you wanted Matt Smith to face in his final ever story at Christmas.

So here’s how you voted:

9. The Cybermen

The old Cyber-menace was the least voted for with just 1.17% of the overall vote.


8. The Kandyman

All bow to the Kandyman! He managed to beat the Cybermen with 3.6% of the overall vote.

7. The Weeping Angels

Are the Angels losing a bit of their popularity? They had to settle for 7th place with 6.81% of the overall vote.

6. A new monster/villain

8.53% would rather have a new villain or monster.

5. Daleks / Davros

9.61% wanted to see the Daleks and/or their creator Davros. The Eleventh Doctor has never had an onscreen encounter with the latter, so perhaps this will finally happen…?

The Stolen Earth & 413. Journey's End

4. Other: Omega

In the “other” category you could vote for any other foe not listed. 10.11% made up this category and leading the charge was a villain that has been endlessly rumoured throughout the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure, Omega.

Other more popular choices included: the Valeyard, the Rani, and the Time Lords.


3. John Hurt’s Doctor

John Hurt’s brief screen time as “the Doctor” made a big impact, with 11.1% of those who voted hoping to see him as the main villain.


2. The Master

In second place, with 17.76% of the overall vote, was the Doctor’s archenemy, the Master. An obvious strong contender with the Eleventh having never faced him. Perhaps it would all be too similar to Tennant’s swansong though?


1. The Silence

No doubt topping the poll due to their prominence in the Eleventh Doctor’s era was the Silence with 31.31% of the overall vote. Perhaps those loose ends will finally be tied up…