Matt Smith on Xmas Special & Film

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Matt Smith has spoken with Digital Spy to promote the upcoming Doctor Who Live tour.

Smith revealed some details on the new video scenes they have filmed exclusively for the show, “There’s a character which I can’t name, and The Doctor has a lot of interactions with him.”

“You’ve got all the monsters – the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels, the Silurians, the Judoon, the Ood, the vampires. Churchill makes an appearance. [So does] Liz Ten. All of that is woven into this one narrative structure. On top of that, [composer] Murray Gold’s music has scored a lot of the live-action that’s taking place on the stage.”

Smith also shared a few of his thoughts on the Christmas special now that filming is complete, “It’s going to be brilliant. Steven’s written a belter”, he said. “The Doctor meets this old Christmas miser, played by Michael Gambon. He was just brilliant. Perfect for Doctor Who. What a Doctor he’d have made in his day! I always wanted to do a Christmas Who episode. It’s a real milestone, so I’m very pleased to have got one in the can.”

Finally, Smith also talked about the long rumoured Doctor Who film and the silly Johnny Depp rumours, “I think a Doctor Who film would be great. They’d probably get Johnny Depp or someone though. I think it’s quite a canny piece of casting, really. I’m sure he’d be very good!”

See the full Q&A at Digital Spy.