Matt Smith Not Quitting

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According to the always reliable Daily Star, Matt Smith is already “booked in” for the Christmas special this year, once more quelling rumours that said he was quitting at the end of Series 6.

Their article quotes Smith as saying: “I certainly hope to be back. Steven Moffat has just told me the title of the 2011 Christmas special and I nearly fell off my chair!”

Smith also spoke about Toby Whithouse’s Series 6 story, which he is currently filming with David Walliams: “David and I started filming on the episode last week and he is great. He just makes me laugh all the time. He is terribly funny and I am very fond of him.

“I haven’t asked him to do any of the Little Britain voices just yet but I have been asking him lots about that show and Come Fly With Me. I know he is going to be very funny in Doctor Who.”