Matt Smith Leaving Confusion

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There’s been some confusion and a little bit of unnecessary panic concerning Matt Smith’s Doctor Who future following this year’s National Television Awards.

According to the Radio Times, Smith revealed to them backstage that he only has “A year of Who left.”

The magazine tweeted:

Matt Smith: “I’ve got a year of Who left.” Backstage at the National Television Awards, Doctor Who star says Hollywood beckons…


To clarify the Matt Smith tweet “I have one more year of Who” is a direct quote. Said Hollywood was attractive but “sadly” no films yet.

However, BBC Entertainment News completely contradicted this on their feed:

Matt Smith says backstage that he has “no plans to leave” Doctor Who and he has no idea who his next companion will be yet.

Confused yet?

Doctor Who Magazine then joined in and tweeted:

We’re being asked about Matt Smith. He has said he has “no plans to leave Doctor Who.” He begins shooting the new series next month.

Re Matt Smith’s direct quote: “I have one more year of Who.” That doesn’t mean he is leaving afterwards. He says he has “no plans to leave.”

We’re inclined to agree with DWM at the moment. Matt Smith gave a similar comment last year, but has also said repeatedly in past interviews he takes the show one year at a time. Bottom line, don’t panic just yet.