Martha Not Returning for 50th Anniversary

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martha-leaves-Last-of-the-Time-Lords Will Martha make an appearance for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary? According to Freema Agyeman, fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

There have been rumours brought on by some of Agyeman’s comments previously. However in a recent interview Agyeman claims she will only be doing publicity to help promote the big occasion.

Agyeman told Crave: “I’m doing two things for the 50th but nothing to do with being in the drama.

“I got misquoted hideously once saying that there are some rumblings going on about being involved in the 50th in terms of the drama. It’s not. It’s in terms of conventions and interviews and things like that, which we’re all doing stuff to promote the 50th. We have to. It’s the ‘Doctor Who’ family and we want to.

“I think in terms of my involvement in the show, that’s a different thing now. It moves on, it changes and that’s a good thing.”

So looks like another companion we can cross off the list…