MacRae on Daleks, 50th, Showrunning

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Possibly hinting at his future involvement, Doctor Who writer Tom MacRae (Rise of the Cybermen, The Girl Who Waited) has spoken about Series 7 and the 50th anniversary.

Speaking at the Kapow Comic Convention, he said: “There’s a big Dalek story opening the new series which is absolutely brilliant and any expectations you’ve got, double them, it’s that good. It’s so, so, so, so brilliant.

“And then the fiftieth which obviously is going to be a big hark back to everything that’s gone before, there’s going to be lots of nostalgia for Doctor Who fans over the next year or two years.”

MacRae also semi-joked about becoming the next Doctor Who showrunner when asked who should take over from Steven Moffat.

After the success of The Girl Who Waited, it’s thought MacRae will return for the second “half” of Series 7, but no confirmation has been made yet.