Mackinnon on “Under-siege” Series 7 Story

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Director Douglas Mackinnon has dropped a few hints on the episode he has directed for Series 7: Part 2.

Doctor Who Magazine reveals the Mark Gatiss penned episode (his first of two stories in the run) will be an “under-siege story” involving “volumes of water.” Which could fit in with the earlier rumours of it being set on a submarine.

Mackinnon talks about the technical demanding episode: “I enjoyed it just about more than any other bit of directing I’ve ever done. Without a doubt, if ever there were a team effort that has made an episode work, it was that one. Just the safety elements alone, with water flowing around… The gaffers, and the Electrical Department, and the practical effects guys, they were all on top of that the entire time… Also, we had to remember that there was electrical circuitry on show. All that had to be shifted to 12 volts to make it safe. And there was steam, and smoke, and explosions, and guns, and everything that makes directing Doctor Who fun. I had the time of my life. And then there’s ‘the creature’ as well.”

The other rumour surrounding this story is that the Doctor will encounter classic enemy the Ice Warriors. Mackinnon doesn’t reveal what the monster is but says it’s “really scary” and there will be CG elements added.

He adds: “Because of the environment that Mark put his creature in, there was all sorts of texture around that’s natural to the environment – and water, of course – and I took advantage of that. I had the creature stomping through water. I shot some of it in slow-mo, to make it look even more impressive. The results are magnificent. If that’s hard work, I’ll have some more of it, thank you very much.”