Lots of Monsters for 50th Anniversary

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doomsday-dalek-vs-cybermenDoctor Who writer Robert Banks Stewart has told Digital Spy we can expect more than just the Zygons in Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

Banks Stewart wrote classic era stories ‘Terror of the Zygons’ (1975) and ‘The Seeds of Doom’ (1976).

“The Zygons are in there with all the others – particularly the Daleks and the Cybermen,” he said.

“[But] nobody yet knows what the plot of the 50th will be – Steven Moffat and his team in Cardiff, they are quite rightly keeping it all secret.”

He also said that he feels Doctor Who has become too adult: “My own personal opinion is that the modern Doctor Who should be aimed more at children. People very fondly remembered being scared by Doctor Who – now the plots seem to me a little too adult.”