Little Shop of Horrors

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Filming on episode 12 of Series 6 has begun, now confirmed to be directed by Steve Hughes.

Both Matt Smith and James Corden were spotted on set yesterday for a night shoot.

In a recent interview, Corden said Craig is back for just one episode: “I’m amazed and over the moon Steven [Moffat] asked me back. There was a fans’ poll of the last series, The Lodger, did really well. I’m just going back for the one episode.”

Corden also hinted that Craig may get a trip in the TARDIS this time.

Episode writer Gareth Roberts previously said that his script featured the line “I work in a shop now” and they were indeed shooting in a toy department store. So could this be Craig’s new job or maybe even the Doctor takes a part-time role?

Karen Gillan or Arthur Darvill were not present at the filming. It may be confirmation of their apparent departure or perhaps they just had the night off.

Thanks to Ruther and JazzyWazzy.