Lets Kill The Doctor

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The TV listings magazines for the week have some new episode tidbits for Let’s Kill Hitler.

Read on for some of the more interesting ones that we’ve compiled. But if you are a spoilerphobe, you should probably stop here!

Last spoiler warning.

  • The Teselecta is a robot can morph into any human…
  • …It’s operated by tiny miniaturised people inside…
  • …The inside looks like the bridge of a spaceship
  • The Teselecta is after Hitler and poses as a Nazi officer
  • Then it turns on River Song and the Doctor
  • Hitler spends most of the episode in a cupboard
  • River and the Doctor end up having a “bit of a lovers’ tiff”
  • River is out to kill the Doctor!
  • River tries to shoot the Doctor with a banana
  • The Doctor is poisoned
  • River: “I was born to kill the Doctor!”
  • The Doctor spends the episode dying while saving the world at the same time